GNF - Conference 2011

Conference “Current situation, line of action and future management scenarios at Lake Fúquene”


24 - 26 August 2011


Ubaté, Laguna de Fúquene, Colombia

This conference was organised by the Fundación Humedales in close cooperation with the Global Nature Fund in Ubaté at Laguna de Fúquene.


Deputies of numerous organisations; local, regional and over-regional authorities as well as of institutes of several universities followed the invitation. Furthermore livestock farmers, milk producers, fishermen, craftsmen and mining guild participated in this meeting. Also citizens, pupils and teachers, regional foundations and local associations were represented.


The three-day event contemplated three topics:

  1. Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  2. Climate change
  3. Governance and citizen participation

In the morning, the participants presented diagnostics on the proposed topics, which were discussed in the afternoon in smaller workshops. The knowledge degree, current state and threats conducted to lines of action and management strategies.


The numerous signatures of the petition were handed to the Colombian President as well as to the Environmental Ministry of Colombia.


For the organisers, the conference was a tuning point in the civic participation in the Fúquene region. Since the conference, important activities on local and regional level were realised together with the Civic Committee for Defense of Lake Fúquene. The civic committee was founded during the conference.


Further publications, such an information brochure about the situation and the perspectives of Lake Fúquene, are planned for the beginning of the year 2012. Currently, a flyer with the conclusions of the conference and a large documentation are prepared.


In February 2012, a further meeting between the civic committee and Fundación Humedales will take place to plan the activities in this year.

 Group photo
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