GNF - Sustaiinable Coffee Cultivation

Sustainable Coffee Cultivation at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala


The Global Nature Fund and its partner organisation Vivamos Mejor started in Guatemala a project to improve the administrative structure of the coffee cooperative ASUVIM (Asociación Integral Unidos para Vivir Mejor). Currently, the cooperative has 108 members, among them 23 women and 85 men.


The coffee producers interested in getting involved in organic production will be assisted, especially women will be entrusted with own tasks, e.g. the production of organic fertilizer. For this purpose, they use a mixture of coffee pulp, cow dung, and earth worms. In total, they will produce over 400 hundredweights worm compost, which will be used on the land destined for conversion to organic farming.


Another goal is the improvement of the management of the current credit system, book keeping as well as the financial system, product marketing and project management of new products. The organisation Vivamos Mejor will be active in supporting the management, administration and the technical implementation.



Due to its volcanic soils, the highlands of Central Guatemala produce excellent coffee. At an average altitude of 1,725 m the famous Atitlán coffee is grown. It is produced in the department of Sololá in 12 of 19 municipalities. Coffee production has great importance for the local economy. The artificial forests on the areas of cultivation contribute to the protection of the local fauna and flora.


For more than eight years, the organisation Vivamos Mejor has supported coffee farmers with an acreage of approximately 0.5 hectares providing technologies and skills in sustainable agriculture. Additionally they assist the farmers in the marketing of the coffee.


The project is supported by Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Rapunzel Naturkost with funds from the Hand in Hand-Fund.

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February – August 2010




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