GNF - Sustainable Agriculture in East Africa

Sustainable agriculture to fight poverty in East Africa 


Coordinator of the Living Lakes network East Africa (EALLN) is the Living Lakes partner organisation OSIENALA located at Lake Victoria. The goal of the network is the protection and the restoration of lakes and their catchment areas in East Africa. The network consists of environmental organisations from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Ruanda. Besides the protection of ecosystems income maintenance of the indigenous people has priority. The aim of the project is to develop sustainable use of their resources to contribute to ensure perpetual sources of income while protecting the resources. Concrete activities are the promotion of organic vegetable growing and bee-keeping in schools and communities, the development of community networks for sustainable use and the protection of water resources as well as raising awareness for the protection of natural resources such as water and soil. Target groups are families and women, communities and school-kids in selected communities in East Africa with focus on communities in lake regions: Lake Victoria, Lake Nabugabo, Lake Wamala, Lake Bogoria, Lake Chala, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kanyaboli, Lake Jipe und Lake Kivu.  


On the one hand, sustainable agriculture will contribute to ensure the food supply in the long term as well as the income of the population, on the other hand, protect sustainably resources such as soil and water as well as the whole eco-system. Involving selected communities in East Africa, women, school children, but also whole families and communities will contribute to improve their food supply.


Organically cultivated vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, spinach, coriander, cabbage, paprika and Managu (Solanum nigrum) improve the supply of agricultural products. Additionally, the vital resources such as water and soil will be sustainably used and thus protected. Currently, in all five countries model vegetable gardens are made comprising 5,000 plants each, involving 10 communities and five schools. Improved bee-keeping is another goal of five pilot schemes. In Kenya, project partners are the Tonga Boys School near Nyandiwa at Lake Victoria and the women’s group “Yaw-pachi“ in Umena at Lake Kanyabol.


The coordinated project implementation serves the long-term species protection in East Africa, the improvement of the water and soil quality. Results within the network will be communicated and further developed.



Since 2002, OSIENALA has been representing Lake Victoria in the international network Living Lakes and has been active in the regional network. Together with other environmental organisations at twelve East African Lakes it strives for the protection and preservation of the lake ecosystems.


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 Two harvests are possible in a growbag each year.
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December 2009 – April 2012


Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda


Foundation Ursula Merz


OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria)