GNF - Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Drinking Water Treatment Plant for Kenya


In the Tonga village near Lake Victoria in Kenya (Tonga) a model/demonstration drinking water treatment plant was be installed.  Since January 2009, the equipment supplies clean water for two schools with a total of 1,000 pupils (Tonga Girls Secondary School and Tonga Boys Secondary School).


Clean drinking water in Kenya as in many other developing countries is not self-evident. Just now, after the recent riots in Kenya, outbreaks of cholera and diarrhoea have occurred and are spreading due to contaminated water. According to UNICEF, every day, worldwide 4,500 children die because they lack access to clean drinking water.


The Swiss company SilverSan together with Buderus has provided the drinking water treatment plant, free of cost. The necessary photovoltaic solar system for isolated operation to generate electricity was donated by the company Solarworld. Elektro Trück from the Black Forest will assume the technical control. Lufthansa Cargo will transport the equipment to Kenya at cost price – a successful example of a multi-business cooperation coordinated by the Global Nature Fund.


The daily output of the drinking water treatment system is about 1,000 litres. The equipment comprises a Buderus pump unit as well as an additional storage tank in which the water is conserved by use of SilverSan technology. This technology has already been applied in orphanages in other countries.

If the project proves successful at the end of the project period, the drinking water treatment plant can also be installed in other areas.


This project was sponsored by the Foundation Ursula Merz.

 Tonga Girls School
 Girls collecting drinking water
 Drinking water reservoir with treatment plant

Project Duration:

Project Countries:



2008 – 2009




SilverSan, Buderus, SolarWorld, Deutsche Lufthansa, Stiftung Ursula Merz