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Drinking Water Filter Systemes for Kenya


Water is Life! Humans cannot survive without drinking water. But more than a billion people on our planet - many of them live in Africa - do not have access to clean drinking water. Kenya is one of the countries where access to clean water is lacking. Only 12 % of all Kenyan households in rural areas are connected to the water system. People, often women, have to walk long distances in order to reach the next water hole or are forced to drink dirty or contaminated water. In particular, children are prone to water-borne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid or diarrhea. Droughts, climate change or political instability can make the situation even worse. According to the UN, every 15 seconds a child dies due to the lack of clean water.


A project, jointly launched by Global Nature Fund and Siemens Foundation, presents solutions for these urgent problems. Supported by PureFlow Water Solutions and the SkyJuice Foundation, water treatment plants are installed in rural villages in Kenya. Currently, a first plant is being installed in the Watoto Wenye Nguvu School and the including orphanage in the north of Nairobi. During the dry season, no rain water can be collected, so the only water source is the polluted Thika River. In May 2010, the school was visited by GNF and the water filters were delivered. The supply of the filter systems, so called Skyhydrants, and the start of the installation were enthusiastically welcomed. About 800 pupils, orphans and residents of the neighbouring community are now supplied with clean water. In other areas in Kenya further plants will be installed still this year.


Each water treatment plant has a capacity of 10,000 litres per day and works without electricity. The water is delivered to so called water kiosks on payment of a small fee. Also the maintenance is carried out by local assistants, which were specially trained in the maintenance of the treatment plants. The technicians are responsible for the smooth operation and maintenance of the plants. This training element contributes to the long-run success of the drinking water project and promotes help  for self-help.


In the following years, the GNF and its partner organisations intend to install further water filters not only in Kenya, but also in other countries of East and West Africa. If you want to support us, we shall be very happy to receive a donation. With 20 Euro only, you can provide clean water for one child for one year.

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Video "Waiting for Water" - A story by Anna Telford & Felix Seuffert

 The Watoto Wenye Nguvu orphange close to Thika is one of the first schools receiving a water treament facility.
 water provision at the Migingo Girls School
 Girl in Kenya
 Children in Kenya

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