GNF - Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off Meeting
of the Project "Learning for Lakes – A European Lakes Management Training Scheme"






Topic of the Meeting:

Barycz Valley Landscape Park, Poland


27–28 October 2011


Kick-off Meeting


Project Implementation

The kick-off meeting for the Learning for Lakes-partnership took place in Poland. Following (mainly organizational) issues were put on agenda:

  • Introduction to the project.
  • Responsibilities for organisation of events.
  • Financial aspects.
  • Internal and external communications arrangements.
  • Redefining of work programme to cover elements planned to be implemented by Estonian partner.
  • Clarification regarding the project structure.
  • Form and content of the e-learning tool.

The project started with 7 partners but Ireland dropped out very quickly and Estonia was unsuccessful in its funding bid leaving the 5 partners: UK, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Spain. The project start date was 1st August 2011 and finish date is 31st July 2013.


Each country has an agreed responsibility as follows:



Main project co-ordinator (and e-learning software). Lead on Partnership and Community Involvement and preparation of corresponding e-learning tool section.



Creation and hosting of partnership website under Living Lakes Network. Lead on Economic development & Lake Management and preparation of corresponding e-learning tool section.



Project Documentation Manager. Lead on Land Managers, Farming and Fishing and preparation of corresponding e-learning tool section.



Co-ordination of the final report. Lead on familiarisation partnership visit focusing on lake science issues.



Seeking accreditation for e-learning tool. Lead on Wetland Restoration and preparation of corresponding e-learning tool section.


All are also responsible for co-editing the e-learning tool.The responsibilities for event organisation were distributed among participants.


Project Timetable

The timetable for project meetings was adjusted as follows as a result of Estonia’s unsuccessful bid:

  • Familiarisation meeting. Poland, October 2011
  • Expert meeting focusing on Lake and Wetland Restoration. Spain, March 2012
  • Expert meeting focusing on Economic Development and Lake Management. Germany, October 2012
  • Expert meeting focusing on Partnership and Community Involvement.  UK, February 2013
  • Expert meeting focusing on Working with Land Managers, Farming and Fishing. Hungary, April 2013
  • Preparation of final report and project conclusions discussion. Poland, July 2013


E-learning tool

The structure of the e-learning tool was discussed by participants. It was decided to include following topics:


Lake & Wetland Restoration

Focus: 1) value of the ecosystem, and 2) skills necessary to restore it.


Partnership and Community Involvement

Focus: Building and maintaining partnerships.  The importance of pitching the partnership at the right level, with the right people around the table. Engaging the community; techniques, challenges, benefits etc.


Economic Development and Lake Management 

Focus: Lake Constance threats, issues and opportunities in the context of protection of lakes especially as they relate to tourism.


Working with Land Managers, Farming and Fishing

Focus: To engage and encourage the development of practice leading to healthy lakes. Agri-environment scheme take up differs across partner countries. Threats, issues, opportunities. How to work with farmers? Land management (forest & land use, planning activities).

 Field trip
 Barycz Valley
 Landscape in the Barycz Valley
 Field trip