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Why should we learn about lakes?


Lakes are essential elements for nature, the economy and the society. They encompass a variety of habitats for plants and animals, provide water for the industry and civil society and are interesting tourism destinations. On account of the high value of the ecosystem lake simultaneously with a high use pressure, lakes need to be sustainably managed. However, there is a skills deficit relating to how to do this among those responsible for lakes management and a lack of suitable vocational training and education to train them. Established against the background of the EU Life Programme Leonardo Lifelong Learning, the Learning for Lakes partnership aims to bring together experts of vocational training in environmental education and practitioners in lakes management to fill this gap. Experts and lake manager from five organizations from the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Hungary joined this partnership and regularly meet to discuss in-situ at the lakes about problems, solutions and sustainability. Lakes in the EU are found in a wide range of environments from shallow wetlands to mountainous uplands and the seven partners reflect this variety; each country has experience of contrasting issues to contribute to the learning process. We closely discussed the five topics Economic Development and Lake Management, Lake and Wetland Restoration, Partnership and Community Involvement, Cooperation with land managers including farmers and fishermen and science for lake management.

Healthy lakes are a legal requirement at a European Level


Given the importance of lakes, there is much legislation relating to their management. This is enforced on several levels: each EU member countries will have its own legislation, but increasingly trans-European legislation is been applied to lakes management. For example, the European Landscape Convention, Water Framework Directive and the Natura 2000 legislation all influence lake management at a national level. On the other hand, the implementation of these legal rules affects interstate areas since they are connected, for instance by rivers or migrating bird colonies. The approach of the Learning for Lakes partnership bringing together the experience of various experts and the projects of practitioners in lake management improves the effectiveness of nature conservation, especially against the background of the legal EU framework.

Share of experiences and knowledge


With the aim to spread the know-how of the experts and the new insights gained in the Learning for Lakes meetings an E-learning tool for sustainable lake management was created for use by individuals, organizations, institutes and YOU whose work impacts on lakes. This E-learning tool is a modern instrument with an information and communications technology (ICT-) based content, supports environmental education and facilitates the exchange between institutions and organizations.


We hope you will evolve into an expert for sustainable lake management by using the E-learning tool! Enjoy Lifelong Learning!

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Project Partners

 Environmental Agency, Great Britain
 Lake Balaton, Hungary
 Fundación Global Nature, Spain
 GNF Knowledge Pool

GNF Knowledge Pool

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