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Projects world-wide

 Clean Water for the World

Clean Water for the World

World-wide, untreated sewages still contaminate and pollute rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans. With the help of constructed wetlands, so-called green filters, the incoming waste water is mechanically and biologically cleaned. In general, green filters are operated without electricity or chemicals.


Projects in America

 Green Filter in four Latin American Countries

Green Filter in four Latin American Countries

The aim of the project is the immediate improvement of living conditions of the poorer rural population in five regions in Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico and Nicaragua. The green filter as the "natural" way to treat wastewater in constructed wetlands represents a plausible and viable alternative.

 Construction of Green Filter for Wastewater Treatment

Green Filter for Wastewater Treatment

Untreated wastewater and the introduction of exotic hydrorophytes lead to a increasing pollution of the Colombian lakes. Within the project, primary clarifiers and green filters will be installed in three communities for a natural purification of the water.


Projects in Europe

 Citizens for Energy Transition

Citizens for Energy Transition (C4ET)

The project aims to develop a quality educational approach which will answer the systemic aspect of energy, the final objective being that adult citizens can make a direct link between the global challenges of the energy transition and their day-to-day lives adapting their lifestyles and consumer choices accordingly.


Projects in Africa

 "Inclusive Green Growth" Strategies

"Inclusive Green Growth" Strategies

Enhancing local agricultural activities and protecting the environment for rural communities in the Kilombero District are the two most important aspects of our “Green Growth” in Tanzania themed work with the partner organization AWF (African Wildlife Foundation).

 Masai herders in Northern Tanzania

Masai herders in Northern Tanzania

Next to illegal poaching of elephants, conflicts between wildlife and the local herdsmen are one of the biggest problems in the area around the Manyara Ranch. By strengthening the rural livelihoods and protecting wildlife from illegal hunting, these challenges shall be tackled.

 Water-Energy Hubs

Water-Energy Hubs for Kenya

The project supports rural communities in Kenya in exchanging kerosene lamps for more affordable and environmentally friendlier solutions. It also provides charging stations around solar energy installations where batteries can be charged and services like the sanitation of drinking water are provided.


Projects in Asia

 Mangrove Protection in Sri Lanka and India

Mangrove Protection in Sri Lanka and India

As a contribution to climate and coastal protection, intact mangrove ecosystems are of immense importance. They also play a key role in maintaining biological diversity and as a natural resource for the local population.

 Mangrove Protection in Asia

Mangrove Protection in Asia

Degenerated mangrove forests are reforested through the approved system of Ecological Mangrove Restoration (EMR). Seedlings of native species are cultivated in nurseries and home gardens, afterwards they are planted in the project areas.

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