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Projects world-wide

 Agenda Species Conservation

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Agenda Species Conservation

Individual demands for a habitat vary between different animal and plant species. Especially endemic and migratory species are extremely sensitive in terms of their living conditions. That is why they often belong to threatened species.


Projects in America

 Biodiversity in the Caribbean

Biodiversity in the Caribbean

Tourism in the Caribbean advertises with dream beaches, pristine rain forests and coral reefs. To support touristic enterprises in protection efforts, is one important goal of the Nagoya protocol to preserve biodiversity and important ecosystem services.


 Biodiversity in the Caribbean

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Partnership for the Biodiversity in Central America

Approximately 40 % of the world economy is based biodiversity, being tourism one of the most dependent sector. The beauty of landscape attracts a large number of visitors, thus, biodiversity is one of the biggest tourism assets for its natural capital. Therefore tourism is dependent on biodiversity and it is not only a must but also a need to protect it.


Projects in Europe

 Biodiversity in Viticulture

Biodiversity in Viticulture

For the preservation of biodiversity, agriculture plays a crucial role. So far, farmers, especially winegrowers, hardly come in contact on the issue of biological diversity as part of their professional training.


 Biodiversity on Camping Sites

Biodiversity at Camping Sites

The project examines the implementation of Article 12 of the Seveso II Directive in selected countries. It focuses on the obligation of the Member States to maintain an appropriate distance between operating areas regulated under the Seveso II Directive and natural areas of particular interest or sensitivity.

 Protection and Environmental Development of Cultural Landscapes

Protection of Living Cultural Landscapes in Europe

In Central and Western Europe natural habitats are hardly to find, the greater is the value of historic cultural landscapes. But in crisis-ridden Spain, it is difficult to get the topic of nature the attention it requires. This is where the project comes in.


Projects in Africa

 Lions for Sale – Bred for the Bullet

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Lions for Sale – Bred for the Bullet

In South Africa, a lucrative industry developed during the past years: lion farms. On these facilities, the predators are kept and bred in captivity to satisfy the demand for hunting trophies and lion bones as well as for tourism and volunteering. Our campaign raises awareness for these unethical and exploitative lion breeding practices.

 Protection of wildlife at the Mount Kilimanjaro

Protection of Wildlife at the Mount Kilimanjaro

Transboundary activities shall reduce the massive poaching and illegal trade in ivory at the boarders of Tanzania and Kenya in order to provide a safe habitat for the local elephant populations and to support the international efforts for conservation of this species.

 Fight against illegal poaching in South Africa

Fight against illegal Poaching in South Africa

The severe threat of the African rhinos from illegal poaching persists. The Project Rhino KZN supports the fight against the illegal hunt throughout the province Kwa-Zulu Natal and champions for knowledge transfer and protection efforts beyond national borders.

 Dr. Thomas Schaefer


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