GNF - Water Situation in the Jordan Valley

Water – The use of this precious resource is crucial for our future!

The use and distribution of water plays a decisive role for the future development and political stability of countries, especially in water-poor regions such as the Jordan Valley.


Water is a precious resource

The long drought phase in 2018 has also shown us in Germany how valuable water is. In the arid regions of the world this has an even more dramatic effect. The Jordan Valley, actually a green oasis, cannot provide all its inhabitants with this precious water. Too much water is taken from the Jordan River to keep agriculture efficient – with dramatic consequences.

Climate change intensifies the battle for water

Global climate change and wrong forms of management are leading to a shortage of drinking water. The communities in the Jordan Valley are already among the poorest in Jordan. The rapid increase in the population caused by refugees from Syria and Iraq is aggravating the water shortage and leading to further political instability.

More than 500,000 people – but only two wastewater treatment plants

Inadequately treated wastewater, overflowing domestic septic tanks, leachate or illegally disposed wastewater contaminate ground and surface water – a major threat to the environment and the population. The Jordan River in particular suffers from these conditions. It needs special protection because of its importance as a habitat and as a religious site.

Regional ways out of the water crisis

Together with our project partner EcoPeace in Amman, we launch a three-year model project. After completion, the wastewater treatment plant in Tal Al-Mantah will be the first solar-powered plant in the region and will have an important showcase effect. In doing so, we are pursuing a completely new approach in Jordan to reducing the impact on people and nature.

 A farmer picks tomatoes at a Farm in Sharhabil ben Hassneh.
 Water scarcity in agriculture in Palestine
 Grazing of the barren areas by goats
 Untreated wastewater is discharged into the Jordan River.

With this project, we are concretely improving people's living conditions by

  • increasing the capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater from a further 1,000 households will be treated, thus contributing to the protection of people and the environment.
  • building a green filter sewage treatment plant. This will enable us to demonstrate innovative and cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment and water reuse.
  • integrating the actors in the water sector as well as the politicians into our project and convince them.

Your donation helps people and nature!

25 € – for convincing political decision-makers with a brochure on the transferability of the measures.


50 € – for the training of visitor guides and the equipment of the visitor centre in the SHE EcoPark to inform and raise awareness among visitors.


100 € – for individual components of the green filter plant sewage treatment plant in the Deir Alla district to improve hygiene and water ecosystems.


1,000 € – for components of the photovoltaic plant to increase the functionality and capacity of the sewage treatment plant in Tal Al-Mantah.

Please support us via an online donation, this is extremely important for the water situation at and in the Jordan.

Together we are strong! A German-Jordanian cooperation.

"The availability of water is one of the greatest challenges for Jordan, especially in view of the influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, which is why it is urgently necessary to find sustainable solutions. Wastewater treatment and reuse will increase water availability as more than 50 % of Jordan's water is destined for the agricultural sector."

Eshak Al-Guza’a, EcoPeace Project Manager


"GNF and EcoPeace have already gathered a lot of experience in the SWIM project, which is now flowing into the joint work. Through the use of solar energy, we can now help to eliminate the chronic water shortage in one of the world's most arid countries."

Laura Maseo Velasco, Project Manager at GNF

 Baptism site at the Jordan River
 Visitor Center in the SHE EcoPark
 The Jordan River near Bakoura Green
 Ziglab dam in Jordan

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Further information on our project "Wastewater Treatment Plant with Solar Power, Jordan Valley" is available here.

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