GNF - Partnership for the Biodiversity in Central America

Partnership for the Biodiversity in Central America



Caribbean countries are known worldwide for their high biodiversity. In the Dominican Republic for example, known species include 5,600 different plant species of which 1,800 are endemic, 303 species of birds, 22 of them endemic, as well as 4 species of sea turtles. Whales, manatees and many other marine and terrestrial species, can be found living in these important habitats and ecosystems.


Unfortunately this natural capital is being damaged daily by a multitude of societal and economic activities. Threats to these sensitive ecosystems are posed by overexploitation of natural resources, neglecting species, the destruction and fragmentation of habitats and ecosystems, as well as a lack of sewage and waste management systems.


Approximately 40 % of the world economy, especially the tourism sector, is dependent on biodiversity. Beautiful landscapes attract large numbers of visitors and biodiversity is thus one of the most important tourism assets for its natural capital. Due to the high dependence of the tourism industry on the biodiversity, nature conservation is a necessity in the Caribbean.


Project Activities

The Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM) was founded two years ago, with the aim to support the private sector in integrating biodiversity in business approaches.


Together with the environmental authority SICA (CCAD), the Tourism Authority SITCA and the support from the BPM and GIZ, GNF will implement following actions as part of its European Business and Biodiversity Campaign:


  1. Biodiversity seminars for business leaders: introductory seminar on biodiversity for company representatives of the tourism industry as well as interested stakeholders in the target region.
  2. Biodiversity Check for businesses in Mesoamerica
  3. Trailer Business and Biodiversity – adapting the trailer business concept to the Meso-American economy

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 Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM)
 European Business and Biodiversity Campaign

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1st October 2015 - 28th February 2017




Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM)