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Obituary – Dr. Hendrick Hoeck

 Dr. Hendrick Hoeck

With his death in November 2019, the Global Nature Fund lost a long-time companion and an irreplaceable friend. In deep sorrow, but also full of gratitude, we remember Hendrick Hoeck, who was a member of the GNF Board of Directors between 1999 and 2010. Afterwards Hendrick Hoeck was a valuable support to GNF with his expertise in the scientific Advisory Board.

Dear friends,


What sad news and what a great loss to the Living Lakes family. How happy and grateful we can look back on having personalities like Hendrik in our team. He was an expert, a consultant and a friend. A positive and committed person who protected nature and valued people of all kinds, an attitude from which we can learn. He made the world a better and more beautiful place.


It is a historical change for us. A moment to pause and thank Hendrik. He was the last representative of our first generation in the GNF Board of Directors. Gerhard Thielcke, Aitken Clark and Hendrik were for me, together with founder Thomas Feske, the founding fathers of the Global Nature Fund and the Living Lakes network, even though they were not all there from the beginning. From now on, the last of them will be sitting up there in heaven keeping an eye on our activities. They all brought their experience, knowledge and wonderful characters to our network and helped us boys a lot. Hendrik and his brothers in spirit, all important, inspiring and down-to-earth conservationists. Hendrik and his colleagues always left enough room for the enthusiasm of the younger generation. One more reason to thank them.


Now it's our turn, we are the old boys and girls now. It's a big responsibility. Let us carry their values and their wisdom in our hearts as we develop the Global Nature Fund and the Living Lakes Network in the coming decades.


Very sad and very grateful,


Your Jörg Dürr-Pucher (Member of the GNF Board of Directors)


and the entire GNF Team