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Living Lakes Webinars


8th Living Lakes Webinar

December 14, 2017 at 3:00 pm Central European Winter Time

Topic: Living Lakes and Opportunities for Capacity Building and Community Development Projects

Programme of the 8th Living Lakes Webinar

Contribution 1: Introduction and brief overview of the current GNF projects.

Udo Gattenlöhner, GNF. Germany


Contribution 2: Building communities, Mangrove ecosystems and alternative livelihoods - the Sri Lankan experience.

Anoka Abeyrathne, EMACE. Sri Lanka


Contribution 3: Participatory management for the environmental responsibility and biodiversity in Magdalena Medio.

Felipe Valderrama Escallón, Fundación Humedales. Colombia


Contribution 4: Sustainable Yerba Mate as a biodiversity strategy.

Laura Rodríguez and Isabel Ferreira, Fundación Moisés Bertoni. Paraguay


7th Living Lakes Webinar

April 6, 2017

Topic: 20th Anniversary of Living Lakes & Living Lakes Conference 2018


6th Living Lakes Webinar

July 20, 2016

Topic: Blue-Green Infrastructures

Programme of the 6th Living Lakes Webinar (370 KB)

Contribution 1:

“Biodiversity friendly premises”.

By Marion Hammerl. Lake Constance Foundation.  Germany


Contribution 2:

“Hickling Broad Enhancement Scheme – looking at the innovative solutions to restore eroded reed swamp, create habitat and measures and controls needed to mitigate against Prymnesium Parvum”.

By Rob Rogers. Broads Authority. National Park. U.K


Contribution 3:

“The European Green Belt – Protection and Development of Europe’s unique natural and historic heritage.”

By Uwe Friedel. Friends of the Earth Germany. BUND. Germany


5th Living Lakes Webinar

April 14, 2016

Topic: Sustainable Agriculture – How can we evaluate and enhance sustainability on farm-level?


Programme of the 5th Living Lakes Webinar (380 KB)

Contribution 1:

TEEB for Agriculture & Food: a short overview on the main results of the interim report

By: Dr. Salman Hussain, Coordinator of TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity), United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva / Switzerland (pre-recorded presentation)


Contribution 2: 

Analysing sustainability on farm-level with the SMART tool

By: Leonhardt Jansco, Project Manager, Sustainable Food Systems GmbH / Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Frick / Switzerland


Contribution 3: 

Enhancing sustainability: Processing tomatoes sustainable sourcing

By: Jordi Domingo Calabuig, Project Manager, Fundación Global Nature, Valencia / Spain


4th Living Lakes Webinar

January 27, 2016

Topic: Green Filters – Innovative & cost-efficient systems for water purification benefitting people and the environment

Programme of the 4th Living Lakes Webinar

Contribution 1: 

Introduction and Living Lakes project opportunities

By: Udo Gattenlöhner. Global Nature Fund, Germany


Contribution 2: 

Technical aspects – transferability potentials

By: Felipe Valderrama. Fundación Humedales, Colombia


Contribution 3: 

Removal efficiency and new technologies

By: Isabel Martín. Centro de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Agua CENTA, Spain


Contribution 4:

Green Filters as Green infrastructures

By: Antonio Guillém. Fundación Global Nature, Spain


3rd Living Lakes Webinar

March 16, 2015

Topic: Sustainable Development of Tourism Destinations

Contribution 1: 

Economic Development of Rural Communities through Tourism: A Case Study of Somkhanda Game Reserve in Zululand, South Africa

By: Mark Gerrard, Threatened Species Coordinator, The Wildlands Conservation Trust,, South Africa   

Contact: MarkG[at]      


Contribution 2: 

Green Destinations: Partnership program for sustainable destinations

By: Albert Salman, Director, Green Destination Partnership,, The Netherlands     

Contact: A.Salman[at]


Contribution 3:

Sustainable tourism practices in Mongolia

By: Badral Yondon, Senior Advisor, Mongol Ecology Center,, Mongolia 

Contact: badral[at]


2nd Living Lakes Webinar

July 2, 2014

Topic: Environmental Services and Water Stewardship

Contribution 1:

Land stewardship, farming and wetlands conservation

By: Jordi Domingo, Fundación Global Nature, Spain       

Contact: jdomingo[at]


Contribution 2:

The International Water Stewardship Standard - A global framework for sustainable water management

By: Michael Spencer, Alliance for Water Stewardship, Australia

Contact: michael[at]


Contribution 3: 

Payments for environmental services with a special focus on payments for watershed services

By: Suleika Suntken, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Germany     

Contact: suntken[at]


1st Living Lakes Webinar

April 2, 2014

Topic: EU Water Related Policies

Contribution 1:

Water Framework Directive – Policy coherence as a key factor for improved water management and nature conservation in a changing climate

By: Michael Bender, GRÜNE LIGA, Water Policy Office, Germany

Contact: wasser[at]


Contribution 2:

Overview of the Last Decade of EU Water Policies: Lessons Learned

By: Alain Maasri, Global Nature Fund, Unit Water and Living Lakes, Germany

Contact: maasri[at]


Contribution 3: 

LIFE+ 2014-2020 - Funding opportunities for water related projects

By: Thomas Schaefer, Global Nature Fund, Unit Nature Conservation, Germany

Contact: schaefer[at]