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Apuseni Nature Park – Romania

The Apuseni Nature Park is located in Western part of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, called Apuseni Mountains, covering an area of 75,784 hectares. It was designated a protected area with the main purpose of protecting and conserving a range of remarkable karst phenomena that are part of a unique cultural and natural landscape, which represents one of the few remaining forested karst areas in Europe. Apuseni Nature Park karst superlatives include, as part of a vast inventory, the largest accumulation of underground ice in the world, found in Ghetarul de la Scărişoara, fossil-rich sites such as the Bear Cave and an impressive number of other national records. It is estimated that there are more than 1,500 caves, out of which 19 are strictly protected caves, valued for their splendour and outstanding scientific value.


It's richness in biodiversity, encompassing a total of 29 habitats, which include 1,550 plant species and over 1,350 animal species, some of which are endemic, led to it's declaration as a Nature 2000 site. The people living in the park area are representative at national level for their identity, traditions, and ancestral culture and help create a specific and unforgettable cultural landscape. The Apuseni Nature Park was designated a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN).

The Apuseni Nature Park Administration is a unit within the National Forest Administration - Romsilva, and works under the guidance and coordination of the Ministry of Environment. Its main responsibility is the management of the protected areas, in cooperation with other stakeholders, for the purpose of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. The Administration manages the Apuseni Nature Park and all the natural protected areas that overlap it, including three Nature 2000 Sites and 55 natural monuments and nature reserves, totalling more than 96,000 hectares.

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 Apuseni Park
 Apuseni Park

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Apuseni Nature Park Administration

Administrative and Visitor Centre Sudrigiu

Sudrigiu, no. 136, Bihor county, Romania

Contact person: Anghel DRAŞOVEAN

Phone: +40 - 372 - 702 242

Fax: +40 - 259 - 329 339