GNF - The Okavango-Delta is in danger!

World Heritage Site and Wildlife Paradise - The Okavango Delta

is in danger!


Dr. Karen Ross, Project Coordinator in Angola and Botswana, says: "The Okavango Delta, a unique natural paradise and home to so many endangered wildlife species, is in great danger. We rely on your support to protect this World Heritage Site."


Dr. Antonio Chipita, Executive Director at ACADIR in Angola, added: "If we continue to treat the Okavango Delta in this way and do nothing to stop its destruction, the Delta will die. We want to prevent that!"

A paradise is in danger

The unique landscape in the Kubango-Okavango Basin in Botswana has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. But in Angola, the people in the rural communities suffer from great poverty after a civil war that lasted three decades. As a result of necessity, the population uses the delta uncontrollably as a water resource and for income from unregulated tourism. Forests are being cut down for charcoal production, agriculture and overgrazing by cattle are increasing, and illegal fires are destroying the fragile natural paradise.

There is a different way

To improve the situation and protect the valuable ecosystem and the habitat of countless wild animals, we have started a project in the Angolan part of the Okavango River region. The aim is to reduce poverty among the population, promote economic development and regulate the use of water resources.

Using local know-how for sustainable nature conservation

The Kalahari Conservation Society in Botswana and the ACADIR association in Angola are our experienced partners in the project. With our combined knowledge of the land, the people and the problems, together we create sustainable and ecological solutions for agriculture and forestry, improve the living conditions of the people and thus safeguard the Okavango Delta, which is so unique.

Environmental problems and climate change threaten people and nature equally. Only together we can manage to preserve the foundations of life for future generations. Your help makes the difference! Act now - thank you very much for your commitment!

With 15 Euros you help us to finance a water pump for agricultural irrigation within a village community.


With 30 Euros you support us in the procurement of seeds and a seed tray for sustainable agriculture.


With 70 Euros we can provide educational material on hydrology, climate change and agriculture in the villages.

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Thank you very much for your support.

 Dr. Karen Ross (links) und Dr. Antonio Chipita (rechts) setzen sich im Okavango-Delta für Mensch und Natur ein.
 Auch eine große Löwen-Population ist in dem Gebiet heimisch.
 Wasserläufe durchziehen das Okavango-Delta.
 Naturparadies für Afrikanische Elefanten
 Bewohnerin eines Dorfes im Okavango-Delta
 Anwohner*innen unterstützen das Projekt
 Anwohner*innen unterstützen das Projekt
 Ein Paradies ist in Gefahr.
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