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Nepal's last wild Elephants need our Help!


"Elephants are actually quite peaceful animals. But they are increasingly being deprived of their habitat and can then become a danger to humans and their crops. That is why in our project we attach great importance to securing free migration corridors for elephants on their traditional migration routes - this reduces conflict-prone encounters between humans and animals. Help us save the endangered elephants in Nepal and donate to our innovative project!", says Prof. Dr. Manfred Niekisch, Vice President of the GNF.

Competition for habitat – elephants without a home

Only a few decades ago, Asian elephants had the forests in the border region between India and Nepal almost to themselves. But in the meantime, their habitat here has shrunk dramatically. On the one hand because of climate change, on the other because more and more people have settled there. Water sources have dried up and forests have been cleared to make room for farmland and settlements. People are moving ever closer to the last elephants. This leads to the grey giants invading villages in their search for food, endangering the inhabitants and destroying the harvests.

Avoiding dangers for both sides

The inhabitants of the Terai lowlands suffer from great poverty and the loss of their crops often has existential consequences. Therefore, they try to drive the animals away with the help of drums or fireworks. But this only enrages the elephants and people are trampled when they try to chase away the confused pachyderms. Conversely, people deliberately kill elephants because they feel threatened by them. Securing free corridors for elephants on their traditional migration routes is therefore vital for the survival of both sides.

Project for harmonious coexistence

Our partners, the Nature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) in India and Bright Nepal on the Nepalese side, have ambitious goals. We form elephant conservation groups from the local population and train them in the use of modern early warning systems. We are helping to build observation towers and supporting a new radio station that gives early warning to village communities of approaching elephants. Innovative defence measures, such as light signals and siren sounds, as well as reliable information on the routes of the elephant herds - partly via a mobile app - help sustainably. In this way, we can achieve harmonious coexistence between animals and humans and permanently protect the last Asian elephants in Nepal's border region.

Help the elephants and people in the project area with your donation.

15 Euro is the cost of a torch to detect dangers early at night.


30 Euro is a proportional contribution for a modern elephant early warning system (EWS).


50 Euro are a small contribution for the construction of an observation tower.


70 Euro will help us build toilets to protect people from elephants and other wild animals outdoors at night.

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Thank you very much for your support.

 Prof. Dr. Manfred Niekisch
 We want to make their lives and populations safer - the Asian elephants are the focus of our attention in this project.
 An observation tower for early warning of approaching elephants
 Elephants need natural corridors for their migration routes.
 Observation points at the border of the field are to protect the harvests.
 The inhabitants of the villages stand behind the project measures.
 Tree house to observe elephant migration routes at the border of the field.
 The construction of the sanitary facilities is progressing well.
 Sugar cane is being harvested.
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