Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection

The Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection was founded by Manfred Hermsen in 2001. The foundation is resident in Bremen, Germany. It is a charitable organisation and supports conservation projects world-wide. The aim of Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung is to foster the protection or restoration of valuable natural habitats and ecosystems and to support environmental training and environmentally friendly development.
This is achieved by own projects or by funding projects of partner organisations. At present, Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation supports projects in Germany, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


A major focus of the foundation is the strengthening of environmental awareness, especially through environmental education. It gives young volunteers the opportunity to become actively involved in certain projects and to train their sense of responsibility for their own consumption, climate-friendly behaviour and political action.

In their conservation work, they concentrate more and more on the establishment and support of protected areas. The commitment ranges from small projects that fulfil important tasks in existing protected areas to long-term commitment for their new designation and networking. The highest goal is the free development of undisturbed nature and the connectivity of valuable habitats, e.g. for migratory birds in Ramsar protected areas. In some places, human-influenced habitats are also particularly worth preserving and can be protected, for example, through the concept of large-scale biosphere reserves.


The Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation supports the project "Poverty Reduction, Reforestation and Sustainable Agriculture in the Highlands of Guatemala".

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