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Citizens for Energy Transition (C4ET)

Citizens for Energy Transition (C4ET): Educating citizens on the energy transition, improving practices and multiplying efforts



In a time of permanent and significant growth of energy demand and with the inevitable depletion of fossil fuels, the implementation of energy conservation and efficiency measures together with the use of renewable energies to generate as little impact on the climate as possible should be a priority. Citizens need to be placed at the heart of the debate and become actors of change. However their involvement varies greatly from country to country, citizen’s role in the energy transition in Europe is notably essential to meet the European Commission’s objectives for 2020: reduction of a 20 % on greenhouse gas emissions; 20 % of energy coming from renewable and 20 % increase in energy efficiency.


The issue of the energy transition is often apprehended from a technical or sectorial perspective, whereas energy is a transversal topic, which needs to be presented using a holistic and systemic approach. The project aims to develop a quality educational approach which will answer the systemic aspect of energy, the final objective being that adult citizens can make a direct link between the global challenges of the energy transition and their day-to-day lives adapting their lifestyles and consumer choices accordingly.


In the implementation of these educative activities on the energy transition, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders working with citizens are generally confronted with several barriers whereas the number of citizens to sensitize and train is huge. There is therefore a real opportunity to launch an European project, in order to improve and increase the means of action of these organisations on this particular topic. A transnational approach allows best practice and knowledge from different countries to be shared among the partner organisations and their networks.


Objectives and Activities

The project aims at improving and extending the offer of high quality learning possibilities for adults on the challenges and actions within the energy transition. In order to achieve this main goal, a complete and holistic offer of quality educational practices and tools on the energy transition designed for citizen adults will be developed. 


Best practices and existing implemented methods in the different project countries in Europe will be identify and with this basis, and following the opinion of the different experts, stakeholders and CSOs involved in energy, improved and developed educational methods and material for raising awareness and for training citizens on the energy transition will be created and further on disseminated during different events.


Project activities, will also encourage the creation of a network of relevant stakeholders involved in educating citizens on the energy transition, reinforcing their skills.

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Contact persons

Udo Gattenlöhner

Global Nature Fund - Office Radolfzell

Phone: +49 7732 9995 80



Katja Weickmann

Global Nature Fund - Office Berlin

Phone: +49 30 2400 867 341










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 Erasmus+ Programme

Project period:


Project countries:




Project partners: 



1 September 2015 - 31 August 2018

France, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Hungary

European Union in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme

Energies 2050, France;
Global Nature Fund (GNF), Germany;
Homegrade Brussels, Belgium;
Molise verso il 2000 scrl, Italy;
Trebag Vagyon – Es Projektmenedzser KFT, Hungary;
Drustvo Za Oblikovanje Odrzivog Razvoja, Croatia