Sustainable Cultivation of Natural Rubber


Natural rubber is an important raw material for the German industrial sector. However, there is very little knowledge about the environmental and social impacts, although natural rubber plantations contribute to the destruction of tropical forests just as much as palm oil plantations. The goal of this project therefore is to raise awareness for the issue amongst tyre and car manufacturers, as well as producers of other rubber products and large importers. An additional aim of the project is to illustrate methods by which the processes along the entire value chain can be adapted to increase sustainability.

Project Goal

The primary objective of the project is to raise awareness for the impacts of natural rubber cultivation amongst buyers in Germany, especially tyre and car manufacturers but also producers of rubber products and large importers. Additionally, it is important to illustrate methods by which the processes along the entire value change can be adapted to increase sustainability.

  • Systematically compile and distribute business and sector approaches, as well as the conservation performance of natural rubber;
  • Review and evaluate standards and guidelines for existing approaches, regarding ecological and social criteria;
  • Formulate recommendations for action to create a sustainable supply chain management for natural rubber on the basis of lessons learned from similar processes involving multiple stake holders, as well as best practice examples;
  • Provide information to consumers regarding sustainability issues associated with products made from natural rubber.


Experiences and results to be considered:

  • Research projects on the effectiveness of agroforestry systems

  • Individual projects from tyre manufacturers
  • Insights obtained by standard organisations during the conversion to increased sustainability of other products.

Target Groups

  • Associations and companies:
    Tyre producers, car manufacturers, rubber associations, environmental organisations
    Companies, where end users are expected to react more sensitively to new insights (e.g. bike tyres), drugstores and DIY stores; importers
  • Public:
    End users,
    Consumer advice centres, associations in the automobile industry,
    NGO’s and scientists in Germany focussed on rainforest conservation, agroforestry systems and social aspects such as employment legislation and human rights.

Contact person

Martin Haustermann

Global Nature Fund – Office Bonn

Phone: +49 228 1848694 13


Project Partner:

 Südwind e.V.



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Sustainable Cultivation of Natural Rubber: Starting points for German companies


May 2017 - March 2019




Südwind e.V.


German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety(BMUB), German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)