SEZ – Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg

(Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation)


The Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation was created by the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Legislative Assembly in 1991. A focus of their work has since been directed to creating and expanding various networks and forums for meetings and exchanges with the idea that sustainability, justice, and peace can only be achieved through cooperative efforts. This cooperative partnership is primarily implemented by civil society, business, and government. One particular SEZ project focuses its work on Burundi.    


The SEZ supports the Global Nature Fund’s “Reduction of Deforestation by Planting Trees and Introducing Improved Cooking Stoves in Burundi” project.


Further information about the Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation (SEZ) can be found at: (German)

 SEZ - Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg
 DAs Anpflanzen heimischer Bäume in Burundi sichert den Bedarf an Brennholz nachhaltig.