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The gentle revolution of the pond

A Swimming Pond is the spitting image of a natural lake and provides a habitat for people, animals and plants. You bathe in natural water - an incomparable feeling. But Biopools also offer crystal-clear water, without any added chemicals.

Since 1985, Biotop and its partners have built around 7,000 bathing facilities in Europe and overseas that are operated without the use of any chemicals. A quarter of these are Living Pools - biopools that look like swimming pools but otherwise have nothing in common with a conventional chlorine pool.

When the company was founded in 1985 by the pioneer DI Peter Petrich, Biotop made it its goal to bring clear, living water into the garden as a near-natural bathing pond. Since the beginning, ecology, sustainability and chemical-free swimming pleasure have been the basic principles of Biotop's activities. With its innovative swimming ponds and living pools, Biotop Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH is the market-leading system provider. The result is long-lasting swimming pleasure with living water that is alive and free of toxic additives. Living water regenerates itself thanks to Biotop's technology; it has a positive and beneficial effect on body, mind and soul.

Biotop Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH supports projects within the Living Lakes Network with partners from all over Europe.

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