Conference European Green Premises (EGP 2022)

European Green Premises (EGP 2022)


The economic, social and ecological benefits of biodiversity to businesses


Wednesday, 14.09.2022 9:30 - 17:00

Thursday, 15.09.2022 9:00 - 12:30

We invite you to join us on our journey towards a more biodiverse and greener future of company (premises).


With the participants from businesses, real estate management, planning actors, local and federal politics, nature conservation associations, and science, we want to advance the mainstreaming of biodiversity-oriented premises and lay the foundation of a Europe-wide initiative for biodiversity-oriented design of company premises.


Best practice approaches from companies that have already initiated the transformation on their premises can provide answers to challenges and point the way to a more sustainable future.


Furthermore, we will present the monitoring system developed within the EU LIFE project BooGI-BOP and initiate the first steps towards a certification system for biodiversity-oriented design.


In order to reach stakeholders from all over Europe, the conference will be held in a hybrid format. With the help of simultaneous translation, language barriers are eliminated. Despite the possibility to participate online, we cordially invite you to attend in person, because the personal exchange, as well as the participation in the workshops, is irreplaceable.

 Konferenz European Green Premises 2022 | Global Nature Fund


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The event is free of charge, event location is Wiesbaden, Germany





Day 1: Mainstreaming biodiversity-oriented premises in Europe

Hybrid format

Part 1: Importance of biodiversity in decision-making

09:15    Welcome and opening remarks

09:30    Opening by political representatives

10:30    Coffee Break

10:45    Achievements and activities in the EU LIFE Project BooGI-BOP

11:30    Strategies and tools to support BOP

12:30    Room for Questions

12:45    Lunch


Part 2: Mainstreaming BOP in Europe

14:00    Companies for Biodiversity – best practice examples

15:00    European-wide monitoring system

15:30    Boosting BOP into the mainstream: Launch of National Focal points in Europe

16:00    Wrap up and conclusions of the first day

16:15     Walk around SOKA BAU biodiversity-oriented premises


Day 2: A shared vision on biodiversity-oriented premises

In presence

Part 3: Stakeholders involved in BOP

08:30    Introduction

08:45    Climate Change and Biodiversity from a landscape architect’s perspective,

09:15    Impulse presentations: contributions to make BOPs successful

     -   Initiatives

     -   Networks and projects

     -   Approaches of companies

11:00    Coffee Break

11:15    Moderated exchange on the future of biodiversity-oriented premises in Europe:

      -   Practical implementation and frameworks supporting the mainstreaming

12:15    Wrap up & closing

12:30    Optional: Lunch