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Dear friend of GNF,

In addition to the dominant theme this year – the corona pandemic and its consequences in everyday life – climate change is almost forgotten. And yet this year there have been a large number of forest fires, storms, and floods – we are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change in our projects. Many of our project partners have faced and continue to face these challenges.

 Udo Gattenlöhner

This brought them into serious organizational and financial difficulties, as they were sometimes unable to work for months. We have tried to help them in this extremely tense situation. But we also lack urgently needed funding. It is a real vicious circle at the expense of the environment.

Please help us with your donation so that we can continue to fight for species protection, sustainability and the preservation of natural paradises together with our partners worldwide next year. Thank you very much!

We wish you relaxing holidays and a healthy new year.

Udo Gattenlöhner
Executive Director, Global Nature Fund (GNF)

 Pantanal Wetlands on Fire

© Fundação Ecotrópica / Global Nature Fund (GNF)

Your support for the Pantanal

Illegal fires rage in the world's largest inland wetland, the Brazilian Pantanal. The Fundação Ecotrópica has set up feeding and water stations as emergency aid for the endangered wildlife. You too can support our local partners in the care of animals in this inferno.

 Mangrove protection in aquacultures

© BEDS / Global Nature Fund (GNF)

Mangrove protection in aquacultures

For many of us, shrimps have become an indispensable part of their diet. But it is hardly known that shrimp aquaculture in Southeast Asia is partly to blame for the deforestation of mangrove forests. In our project, we plant mangroves directly into shrimp ponds and thus preserve biodiversity, reduce CO2 emissions and help to secure the livelihoods of small farmers.


Issue: December 2020

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