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Dear friend of the GNF,

If you scroll down this newsletter, everything will seem quite normal: We present our commitment against microplastics and for barrier-free nature experience. In fact, we continue our work with undiminished zeal – although nothing has been normal for the last two weeks.

 Udo Gattenlöhner

The GNF is trying to cushion the impact of the corona pandemic which has hit Germany and the world. Early on we created the conditions for efficient work in home office. We´re able to stay in contact with our partners in about 40 projects and 60 countries and to adapt to the changed conditions. Around the globe people tell us that they are grateful to have GNF at their side. Whether in the awe-inspiring mangrove forests that connect India and Bangladesh, on banana plantations in Costa Rica or in our new drinking water project in Malawi: our cooperation with the local people is necessary. It is effective. And it is appreciated.

And yet we are feeling immense pressure: The crisis is hitting us particularly hard as a charitable foundation that is not financed by membership fees but depends on the support of third parties. Some of our corporate partners have already announced that they will not be able to maintain their commitment to GNF projects to the extent hoped for. We understand this – it is about the future of these companies, about jobs, about livelihoods.

But frankly, our hearts bleed at the prospect of not being able to keep promises to communities whose well-being depends on our projects. We're streamlining our processes to the max, and yet we can't make it without you – people who share in our work.

Now more than ever, community is important. For nature, thought globally. Please support the GNF with your donation so that we can continue our development work worldwide.

Many thanks, enjoy reading and: stay healthy!

Udo Gattenlöhner
Executive Director Global Nature Fund (GNF)

 Where we encounter microplastics

© Pixabay

Where we encounter microplastics

Microplastics are on everyone's lips. And quite literally: Each German consumes plastic particles every week, the weight of which is roughly equivalent to that of a credit card. Our "Blue Lakes" project informs consumers, companies and operators of sewage treatment plants about possible solutions. You can help!

 Where we reduce barriers

© Global Nature Fund (GNF)

Where we reduce barriers

People with disabilities receive barrier-free access to the experience of nature. This is done in a variety of ways, depending on individual limitations. Our project partners in four countries are setting an example.

 Where settlement pressure is massive

© Global Nature Fund (GNF)

Where settlement pressure is massive

The L'Albufera wetland in Spain is subject to the numerous consequences of human activities: agriculture, industry and households are carrying more and more nutrients into the water, into which at the same time less and less water flows.


Issue: March 2020

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