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Drinking water is not an issue for us Europeans; it flows out of our taps at all times, in best quality and always in sufficient quantities. However until recently in South Africa, the people from the rural community of Gumbi had to think about how to cover their daily water needs. Thanks to the joint campaign "Drinking cups for drinking water" with football club Hannover 96, fresh water flows through the new pipeline network. Now the next project phase continues.

 Water supply of the Gumbi community

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Dry spell is over

Phase II of the drinking water project in the rural community of Gumbi in South Africa is now beginning. Further households receive water pipes and schools are equipped with dry toilets.

 More than a cup deposit – football connects

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More than a cup deposit – football connects

In July, ten fans of the German Bundesliga club Hannover 96 and GNF project manager Stefan Hörmann visited the rural community of Gumbi to get an idea of the project measures on site. In terms of their own qualities on the football field, the visitors could not quite keep up with the local teams.

 Consumers have it in their hands – and on their plates

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Consumers have it in their hands – and on their plates

Would you rather prefer eating shrimps with certification or without? Sustainable breeding methods in harmony with ecosystems are possible and preserve the valuable mangrove forests in the Sundarbans in India and Bangladesh.

 GNF Annual Report 2018 / 2019

New Annual Report

Drinking water projects in Colombia and Africa, mangrove protection in Asia and biodiversity in the food industry – these are only three of the areas in which GNF and its project partners are successfully active.

To the Annual Report ...


 Hendrick Hoeck

We grieve for Hendrick Hoeck

In November 2019, our long-time friend and companion Hendrick Hoeck passed away. Sad and grateful at the same time we think of our years together, our experiences and projects.

In grateful memory ...


Issue: February 2020

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