GNF - Lions for Sale

Lions for Sale –  Lions bred for the bullet!


A joint project by Global Nature Fund and Wildlands Conservation Trust combatting the bloody business with little lions.


Our effort for the lions – help us!

We want to stop this cruel business based on the breeding of lions. Appropriate conservation projects favouring wild lions have to be financed and poaching has to be combatted. These are our goals.


But for that, we are missing 25.000 €:

  • 6.000 € for continuing the information campaign “Lions for Sale” in Germany and Europe
  • 4.000 € for supporting our partners in South Africa with campaign material, workshops, etc.
  • 15.000 € for financing pilot projects to protect wild lions in South Africa and Tanzania.


Stop the killing! Help the lions.

The lions cubs don’t have the choice. Tourists and volunteers do have – if we manage to inform as many as possible! Please support our campaign with your donation.

The king of animals is dying

The lion population in Africa decreased dramatically by 40 % in the last 20 years. The competition for preys and the loss of habitat lead to lots of conflicts between humans and lions. Poaching and bone trading also are threatening the lions of Africa.


A profitable business

Lion breeding farms in South Africa are making profit with the decline of wild lions’ populations. Declared as conservation measures, volunteers are attracted to raise the allegedly orphaned lion cubs by hand. But this lions are never led into freedom. Without chance to escape, they end in the unethical canned hunting industry. Up to 8.000 lions are living in 200 of those farms in South Africa, waiting for their bullet.


Stop the sell-out of lions!

The movie "Blood Lions", realized by Ian Michler under difficult circumstances, shows the horrifying conditions on breeding farms and denounces these practices. Wildland Conservation Trust and the GNF want to use this documentation to make the South African government intervene.


End the demand

The demand for volunteering to help the wildlife is happily high in Germany. But a lot of people are taken by shady offers and pay a lot for the privilege to cuddle and feed lion babies. Walk-a-lion strolls are also very popular. We want the volunteers and also tourists to know about these scandalous backgrounds.


What we do

We started our campaign "Lions for Sale" at the tourist fair ITB. More than 100 universities have been contacted; also travel agencies, volunteering services and hunting associations have been informed about the topic. Until now, we facilitated more than 80 self-commitments of tourism companies.


Information is needed!

The cartoon "Lions for Sale", produced by GNF, shows the captivity of these bred lions from birth until their planned death in canned hunting. In contrast you can see the process of the wild lion cubs being raised by their mother for years, the training within the lions’ pack and a life in freedom as the king of animals.

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Global Nature Fund (GNF)

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 Löwenjunges hinter Gittern

© Pippa Hankinson

 Volunteers in close contact with young lions.

© Ian Michler

 In Gefangenschaft

© Pippa Hankinson

© Pippa Hankinson

 Instead of degrading walks with lions kept in captivity,  ...

© Pippa Hankinson

 ... better look for snapshots with lions at photografic safaris – no lion has to die for that!

© Pippa Hankinson

Further information on our campaign "Lions for Sale".

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