GNF - 12th Living Lakes Conference
12th Living Lakes Conference

"Linking Cultural Landscape Values to Lake Protection"


The 12th Living Lakes Conference in Italy took place between 22 and 26 September 2008 and the official celebration of the 10th anniversary of the global Living Lakes network took place on 26 September. This conference was meant to create an international platform for an intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences of all Living Lakes partner organisations. 


The history of human settlement is strongly connected to water access and availability. This conference highlighted the links between culture and the use of natural resources in lake regions and searched for possibilities to change human habits to a more eco-friendly way with full respect for the ecosystem and the biodiversity. Global Nature Fund and its Italian partner organisations warmly invited all interested institutions to attend the 12th Living Lakes Conference including the 10th anniversary celebration at Lake Trasimeno in Italy.


Results of the 12th Living Lakes Conference


The Trasimeno Statement is the concensus reached by over 100 members and associates of the Living Lakes network at the end of the conference.


Following you find "The Trasimeno Statement" in English as pdf data for download.


Short film about the 12th Living Lakes Conference "Linking Cultural Landscape Values to Lake Protection"


Jika Mendoza-Dalupan, Communications Manager Unilever Philippines, Inc. interviewed by Fritz Lietsch, CEO, ALTOP publishing house

What Unilever Philippines is doing for the Living lakes Associations?

Following, you find the detailed Programme of the 12th Living Lakes Conference in English as well as several presentations of the speakers as pdf data for download.



Conference Day I - 24 September 2008


Marion Hammerl, President of Global Nature Fund (GNF), Germany


Session 1: Sustainable development of cultural landscapes and lake regions


Michael Dower, Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, England

Protection and Management of Cultural Landscapes in Europe (Keynote speach)


Prof. Dr. Beate Jessel, President of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany

Catchment Area Management, Nature Conservation and Landscape Planning


Basil Schnur and Melinda Lyons, Green Skills Inc., Wilson Inlet, Western Australia

Challenges for Sustainability: Experiences from Wilson Inlet Catchment, Australia


Lamberto Bottini, Councillor for the Environment at "Regione Umbria", Italy

The traditional agricultural Landscape and its future Opportunities


Conference Day II - 25 September 2008


Session 2: Culture, Landscape and Biodiversity


Dr. Andrew Venter, Executive Director, Wildlands Conservation Trust, Lake St. Lucia, South Africa

Lake St. Lucia


Lucilla Spini, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO of the UN)

The role of FAO in safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage of lakes for food and agriculture


Luc Eduardo Secaira, Director Asociación Vivamos Mejor, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Mayan Culture and Conservation of Nature in Guatemala and Lake Atitlán


Workshop A: Culture, Landscape, Tourism and Recreation


Giovanna Chiuini, General Project and Coordination and

Dr. Raffaella Morichetti, Scientific Contents Project

Esploratorion - A Garden of Science on Lake Trasimeno


Michael Clarke, Director of the Lake District World Haritage Project, UK

A Lake District - World Heritage Site

Lal Emmanuel, President Nagenahiru Foundation, Sri Lanka
Claudio Torcolacci, Distretto Integrato Turistico della Provincia di Terni (DITT), Lago di Piediluco, Italy

Dr. Tillmann Stottele, Head of the Environment Department of the City of Friedrichshafen, Germany

Landscape Park Lake Constance


Workshop B: Culture, Landscape and their Histrorical Values


Gianni Desanti, Councillor for Environment at the "Provincia del Verbano Cusio Ossola", Italy

Lake Maggiore


Amanda del Rio, Project Manager at Fundación Global Nature, Lake La Nava, Spain


Workshop C: Culture, Landscape and Biodiversity


Ceren Ayas, WWF Turkey, Lake Uluabat, Turkey

Uluabat Lake Management Plan


Patrick Trötschler, Project Manager, Lake Constance Foundation, Lake Constance, Germany

Bee Pasture Programme Lake Constance


Ekanayake Abeyrathne, Director, EMACE Foundation, Sri Lanka


Session 3: Culture, Landscape and Climate Change


Udo Gattenlöhner, Executive Director, Global Nature Fund (GNF), Germany


Monica Zavagli, RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, Switzerland

Lakes, Climate Change and the key role of Ramsar Convention


Cesare Migliozzi, President of the Energy Agency of Provincia de Perugia, Italy


Andrew Venter, Living Lakes Climate Change Programme, South Africa


Angiolo Martinelli, Regional Environmental Agency ARPA, Umbria, Italy


Workshop D: Reforestation, Bioful and Culture, Landscape and Lakes


Ir. Budiono, YK-RASI, Jempang Lake, Indonesia

Community-based refosteration of Jempang Lake catchment in East Kalimantan, Indonesia


Lennie Santos-Borja, CLEAR, Laguna de Bay, Philippines

Re-greening the Laguna de Bay watershed

Gábor Molnár, Lake Balaton Development Agency, Lake Balaton, Hungary

Workshop E: Biomass and Culture, Landscape and Lakes


Yan Bangyou, MRLSD, Lake Poyand, China


Volker Kromrey, Clean Energy GmbH, Lake Constance, Germany


Gianfranco Catani, Trasimeno Natural Park, Italy


Workshop F: Solar Energy and Culture, Landscape and Lakes


Obiero Ong´ang´a, Osienala, Lake Victoria, Kenya

Massimo Buconi, Councillor for School Building at "Provincia di Perugia", Italy

Conference Day III - 26 September 2008


Session 4: Lakes and their Cultural Values


Margit Säre, Peipsi CTC, Lake Peipsi, Estonia

Lake Peipsi on the Estonian / Russian border - dividing or uniting line


Ersébet Székely, Association of Civil Organisations of Lake Balaton, Hungary

Culture and Traditions at Lake Balaton


Enrico Calvario, "LYNX Nature e Ambiente", Lake Bolsena, Italy


Session 5: Lakes and their Spiritual Values


Aventino Frau, President of the Comunità del Garda, Italy


Prof. Dr. Nina Dagbaeva, Director GRAN, Lake Baikal, Russia

Cultural and biological diversity of Lake Baikal


Patricia Ergueta, Tropico, Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca - Ritual and Pilgrimage


Raquel Gutierrez Nájera, Fundación Cuenca-Lerma-Chapala and Idea, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Lake Chapala

Gundula Shachal, "Friends of the Earth" Middle East, Dead Sea, Israel

Silvana Ferrara, Councillor for Tourism at the Provincia di Novara, Italy