GNF - Sampaloc 2014

Unique crater lake landscape in the Philippines in danger!


Threatened Lake of the Year 2014 – A GNF project to save Lake Sampaloc

Does Lake Sampaloc have a future?

Please help us save the threatened crater lakes through following measures:

  • Construction of a pilot green filter for waste water treatment at Lake Sampaloc
  • Introduction of sustainable fish farming methods
  • Creation of alternative sources of income for fisher families
  • Removal of illegal buildings at the lake shores

Unique crater lake landscape 

The seven crater lakes – 70 km away from Manila – are important resting places for migrating birds and form a wonderful lake landscape. Sampaloc is the largest and best-known of the lakes. It is located near San Pablo City with 250,000 inhabitants. In 1976 already, the commercial production of tilapia in fish cages has started. Depending on the season, today fish cages occupy between 40 to 70 percent of the lake surface area, allowed by law are only 10 percent. 


Fish farming destroys lakes

The high fish stock and nutrient enrichment cause massive algal bloom and fish kills. Illegal gill net fishing threatens the roe, and in the finely woven nets rare little diving ducks are caught. Numerous illegally constructed buildings at the lake shores, among them night clubs and hut barracks, discharge waste and untreated sewage into the lake.


Strengthening local commitment

Die Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) is fighting for sustainable protection of the sensitive eco-systems of the seven crater lakes. San Pablo City has finally agreed to implement an action plan for the promotion of sustainable tourism including land-use plans and new fish farming regulations.


Know-how for lakes protection 

In the future, a modern green filter shall keep Lake Sampaloc clean. This cost-effective waste water treatment has proved to be successful in other GNF projects. To this end, open fish cages must be replaced by fish basins and moved to the designated aquaculture zone. Creation of alternative sources of income for the many illegal fishermen is another goal and part of the action plan.


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 Does Lake Sampaloc have a future?
 Idyllic surrounding of Lake Sampaloc
 Fish cages in Lake Sampaloc
 Exemplary green filter
 Water Lilies

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