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One of the greatest challenges of our time is to harmonize the human mobility with the protection and development of essential ecosystems. This applies especially to the fragile lake areas  of our world.


The GNF aims to increase the commitment of globally operating enterprises to the protection of  the environment. Companies should consider their support as a part of their social responsibility. Investments in resource-efficient procedures and alternative energy sources play a decisive role. Also hybrid and fuel cell technology may contribute to disburden the environment in the future.


Daimler has supported the project work of the GNF since 1998.

Currently, the Daimler AG supports the project “Conservation of Biodiversity and Traditional Cultures in the Mbaracayu Biosphere Reserve through Sustainable Forestry Management in Paraguay”. Thereby, the purchase of a modern dryer for mate leaves and the construction of a corresponding building are concretely supported.

Also the project “Mangrove Rehabilitation in Asia – Local action and cross-border transfer of knowledge for the conservation of climate, forests and biodiversity” is supported by the Daimler AG. In the countries India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand, more than 100 hectares of the degraded mangrove forests will be reforested by the five project partners.

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 Young mate plants in a tree nursery in Paraguay
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 Mangrove plants