GNF - Supporters

Supporters of the GNF´s Projects


Since its creation in 1998, the Global Nature Fund has been seeking alliances with partners concretely supporting its project work .The donors substantially support conrete projects of GNF and its partners in situ, that pursue careful and considerate use of natural resources as well as the development of alternative income sources.

International Partners and Private Funders

  • The Anton & Petra Ehrmann Foundation concretely supports the regional network Living Lakes Germany.
  • The Foundation Ursula Merz currently sponsors several GNF projects within the network Living Lakes.
  • The Siemens Foundation supports GNF drinking water projects in Kenya.
  • The Erbacher Foundation sponsors the project of sustainable tourism in the Lake Hovsgol National Park in Mongolia.
  • Through the Hand in Hand-Funds from the Rapunzel organic food producer and German Environmental Aid, the GNF receives grants for its international project work.
  • The Wilo-Foundation supports the project “Drinking Water in rural Regions in Colombia”.

Cooperative Projects with the Business Community 

  • Since the launch of the network Living Lakes in 1998, the Daimler AG has supported this global network.
  • The Sika AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a company producing processing materials and is supporting concrete projects within the scope of the network Living Lakes since 2005.
  • The donations were used for drinking water projects in Kenya. In the Frame of the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign, the enterprise Sekisui Chemical supports the project activities.
  • In 2012 the Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG and GNF started a new collaboration under the Motto "Clean Water for the World" aiming at improving the sewage water situation in developping countries in Latin America.
  • Since May 2014, the partnership with the Symrise AG focuses on the development and implementation of a corporate biodiversity strategy.
  • For many years, the GLS-Gemeinschaftsbank has been supporting the projects of GNF by donating the income of interest out of the so called “Living Lakes project saving” initiative.
 Water Lily and Frog at Nestos Lakes and Lagoons, Greece
 Ground water pump in Ivory Coast
 Mate seedlings in Paraguay
 Water Energy Hubs in Kenya
 Mangrove forest in Asia
 School children in the environmental education center in Sri Lanka