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Lake Chala – Kenya


Fauna and flora

The Lake Chala Tilapia (Oreochromis hunteri) is a species of fish of the Cichlidae family, subfamily Pseudocrenilabrinae. It is endemic to Kenya. Its natural habitat is freshwater lakes.  It grows to a maximum size of 30.0 cm SL (male/unsexed; Ref. 4967). Found mainly in the tropical climate. Although the fish is unknown and its prices not yet categorized, it plays a major role in fisheries industry. In Africa it is mainly found in Lake Chala and is critically endangered.

Lake Chala is also home to one of the less known but important Aloe Penduliflora Baker (Liliaceae/Aloaceae). This is a species with long pendulous stems, occurring on the steep cliffs around Lake Chala. A recent suggestion that the poorly known Aloe Penduliflora Baker is identical with Aloe Confusa Engler is refuted. Living material collected in south-east Kenya has shown to be a closer match with all that is known of A. penduliflora. An amplified description of A. penduliflora is provided, and A. confusa is considered  as a separate taxon. Lake Chala is rich in bird life and it is one of the areas with high population density of crocodiles in the country.


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