ECOLUP-GUIDANCE – Environmental Management for Communal Urban Land Use Planning


The ECOLUP-Guide has been published and presented on the final ECOLUP conference in Constance (D) on 17th March 2004. It was developed within the EU-LIFE-Modelproject ECOLUP and illustrates the introduction of an environmental management system into land use planning processes. Results and findings of the ECOLUP project are illustrated close to praxis in the Guidance.

You can download both the English and the German ECOLUP-Guidance as pdf files from the website: where you will find further information about the project and its workshops. You can also order the English CD-ROM with additional information, checklists and project findings at the Lake Constance Foundation or download it here:


During the last three years the Lake Constance Foundation developed together with Constance and Überlingen in Germany and Wolfurt and Dornbirn in Austria an environmental management system for communal land use planning. The Institute of Applied Research at Nürtingen University was responsible for the supervision of the scientific aspects of this project. ECOLUP provides communities with the means to validate their urban land use planning in accordance with the EMAS II directive. The aim of ECOLUP is to improve the environmental quality of urban land use planning by defining concrete targets and measures and monitoring those. ECOLUP supports communities in taking political challenges and integrates different instruments better.



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