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Germany – Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third largest freshwater lake in Central Europe covering an area of about 565 square kilometres bordering Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 2.2 million people live and work in the Lake Constance region. 4.5 million people drink Lake Constance water, and over 50,000 boats are registered here. Despite those human activities, Lake Constance has preserved a natural landscape with rich biological diversity. About 200,000 water birds rest or hibernate in the region and 26 different species live there.

Since the 1960s the work of water pollution control has successfully focussed on the reduction of the over-fertilisation of the lake. Nonetheless, conflicts between protection and the interests of users are potentially large. As a result, a unified approach towards nature and water pollution control urgently needs to be recognised.


The Bodensee-Stiftung (Lake Constance Foundation) is an international foundation for nature and culture. Together with the Umweltrat Bodensee (Environmental Lake Constance Council) the Bodensee-Stiftung provides a platform for all associations aiming at sustainable development at the same time preserving its actual natural and cultural landscape. The Council comprises about twenty nature protection associations from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The main stress is put on sustainable tourism, organic farming, sustainable land use planning, renewable energies (e.g. solar technology for water sport) and environmental education.

Activities and model projects

The main objective of the participation of the Bodensee-Stiftung (Lake Constance Foundation) is to give the input of expertise and experience to the project partners since the foundation has a long time experience with the relevant issues of the project.


Pilot activities in this strategy comprise

  • Networking (Input of know-how and positive examples, especially regarding ECOCAMPING and ECOLUP: Ecological Land Use Planning)
  • Input into training programme and participation in three workshops for tourism entrepreneurs at Lake Võrtsjärv and Lake Peipsi
  • Input into training programme and participation in two workshops for tourism entrepreneurs at Milicz Ponds
  • Input into implementation of environmental management system for communities at Lake Balaton (input into local workshops, participation in five local workshops, revision SWOT-Analysis and SUM Programme, Revision of documentation, etc.)
  • Organization of a thematic excursion at Lake Constance for NGOs, administrations and institutions involved in the management of lakes and wetlands
  • Input into publications and website