GNF - Fisheries



Fishing nets were distributed to 60 Tsunami affected families selected from Maduganga and Madampaganga wetlands. The nominations for receiving fishing nets were made by the village fisher societies of the respective villages. An independent committee appointed by the partner organization NF visited each and every nominated family and carried out personal interviews. Those found eligible to receive fishing nets were forwarded to the Divisional Secretary for his final official approval to receive this donation. At the fishermen island of Galmanduwa a prawn nursery to increase the income of fishermen has been established.


In Sri Lanka there is very few experience in the use of solar power and no knowledge on energy saving CFL or LED lamps for night fishing in the wetlands. Under the guidance of the Global Nature Fund, the Nagenahiru Foundation conducted an experimental project to identify possible ways to use solar power for night fishing in the prawn catching chambers (Ja–Kotu) in Maduganga and develop appropriate technology. Presently those experiments shows very positive results and the allocation under the solar night fishing will be utilized after the confirmations received by this on going experiment project.

 Provision of nets for fishermen in Madampeganga
 Fishermen Working Group in  Polathupalatha
 Prawn Nursery in Galmanduwa