GNF - Post Tsunami Supporters

Supporters of the Post Tsunami Project

The project is funded by the EU Commission in the frame of the Asia Pro-Eco II B Post Tsunami Programme: “Post Tsunami Restoration of Mangroves, Education & Reestablishment of Livelihoods in Sri Lanka” (Main Donor).

Additional funding comes from the Serendib Foundation (Hamburg, Germany), the Company Sika (Switzerland) and Global Nature Fund (Germany).


European Commission
EuropeAid Co-operation Office, Directorate D - Asia
Office: L-41, 03/21
B - 1049 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: + 32 - 2 - 298 67 42
Fax: + 32 - 2 - 298 48 63


In response to the urgent need to rehabilitate areas affected by the Tsunami of 26 December 2004, the Commission decided to launch the Pro Eco II B - Post Tsunami Call for Proposals. The call is a tailor-made programme specifically designed to help local communities rehabilitate and reconstruct effectively and efficiently in the Tsunami-hit areas of India, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand and Sri Lanka.


The focal points of the Pro Eco II B - Post Tsunami Programme are waste management/sanitation, water management/sanitation, environmental planning of coastal settlements, coastal zone management, sustainable transport, sustainable energy, local implementation of international agreements relating to natural catastrophes and/or geologic hazards.


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Serendib Foundation

Contacts: Christian Eckert, Lalith Ganhewa,
Elisabeth Fuengers, Uriz von Oertzen
Neuer Pferdemarkt 23

D - 20359 Hamburg, Germany




The Serendib Foundation, founded in February 2005, focuses on the support of children and teenagers in great need. The foundation aims at offering Sri Lankan children and teenagers a human future after the Tsunami catastrophe. The steering committee of the Serendib Foundation, which is working honorarily, conceded the first concrete subsidies in October 2005. After consultions with experts of development work and the situation in Sri Lanka, the support of concrete projects was decided.


The Serendib Foundation provides financial help - particularly to the Nagenahiru Foundation - for these projects in order to improve the human situation of the population on site and support the renaturation of the valuable mangrove forests.


Sika AG

Zugerstr. 50

CH - 6341 Baar, Switzerland

Phone: + 41 - 41 768 68 00

Fax: + 41 - 41 768 68 50




Sika AG, based in Baar, Switzerland, is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals.


Sika AG supports concrete projects of Global Nature Fund and its partner organisations on-site in Sri Lanka in the frame of the EU Asia Pro Eco II B Post-Tsunami-Programme.