GNF - Nature Summer Camps 2003
DaimlerChrysler Nature Summer Camps 2003 

Between July and September 2003 Nature Summer Camps for young DaimlerChrysler employees and children of staff members were organised at four Living Lakes partner lakes. 60 participants carried out different tasks during this voluntary employment. The aim of the camp was to work together with people from other parts of the world for the conservation of nature.

Lake St. Lucia, South Africa

The participants were active in the crocodile centre e.g. measuring length and weight of crocodiles. They also recorded animals and plants in the nature reserve, for instance they carried out a census of White Rhinoceros. The collected data will be used for scientific surveys. They also removed foreign plants and helped to renovate a school.

Mono Lake, California

The bizarre Tufa towers, strange calcium carbonate formations, which are formed when underwater springs rich in calcium mix with lake water rich in carbonate, are characteristic for Mono Lake. They are seen today because the lake level fell dramatically after water excessive diversions. The lake is threatened with desiccation and salinisation, also caused by foreign plants. Tamarisks are extremely adaptable, strong and need a lot of water. That is why the work camp participants helped at different places to dig out and destroy them. They also helped to construct and repair roads and trails, and collected waste in the reserve.

La Nava, Spain

In the 1950ies, Lake La Nava in the northwest of Spain was drained for land reclamation. The now restored lake is resting place and refuge for a large number of bird species threatened with extinction. The young people helped with bird ringing and learned a lot of details concerning species determination of birds as well as different catching methods. The participants constructed a net trap, which will be used for scientific bird fowling. A welcome change were the active involvement in a parade of traditional costumes as well as a football match against a native football team.

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Discover Russia – by an adventurous travel with the Trans-Siberian Railway! The 12 participants of the work camp at Lake Baikal chose the train for their voyage to Lake Baikal. Highly motivated the participants defied the rain and repaired several nature trails as well as a camping ground in the Zaibalsky national park thus contributing to the development of sustainable tourism. They also helped to establish environmental surveys and actively took part in cleaning operations of shorelines. A rich cultural program and the visit of a local village school complemented the stay.

 Warnschild St. Lucia
 Tufa Tower, Mono Lake
 La Nava