GNF - Nature Summer Camps 2005
DaimlerChrysler Nature Summer Camps 2005 in co-operation with Lufthansa

The Global Nature Fund, with the support of DaimlerChrysler AG as well as Lufthansa AG, offered for the third time young staff members of both enterprises the opportunity to become actively engaged in conservation work together with other volunteers at different places worldwide. The summer camp participants were between 25 and 35 years old. Destination sites were located in our Living Lakes areas in China, Estonia, Russia and South Africa.


The aim of the Nature Summer Camps was, to raise environmental awareness among the participants and to offer the opportunity to become involved in practical conservation. They worked on site together with locals thus demonstrating the great international interest in the Living Lakes projects.


The Nature Summer Camp destinations spanning four continents:

Lake Poyang - China

Lake Poyang is the largest fresh water lake in China and home of half a million waterfowl, among them Siberian White Crane, an endangered species.
Timeframe: from 18 July to 5 August 2005

Activities: Sightseeing-tour in Peking, painting of rooms and boats, repair works and cleaning of a bird observation centre, environmental education activities for farmers, collecting rubbish and removal of introduced plants in the World Heritage site, preparation of an exhibition in Nanchang.

Lake Võrtsjärv and Lake Peipsi - Estonia

The lakes Võrtsjärv and Peipsi are large shallow lakes. Both lakes are important habitats for nesting and migrant birds. Between both lakes lies the nature reserve Alam-Pedja. The large floodplains and swamps in this area are nearly untouched by humans.

Timeframe: from 15 to 28 July 2005

Activities: Working in the nature reserve Alam-Pedja, helping restore habitats, maintenance work in semi-natural habitats, visit of the limnological station, renaturation of amphibian habitats.

Lake Baikal - Russia

Lake Baikal, the "sacred Siberian ocean", is the deepest and oldest lake worldwide. More than 2,500 different species of animals live in the extended forests and the Siberian taiga.
Timeframe: from 3 to 31 July 2005

Activities: Repair work at a cottage as well as at camping facilities in the Zabaikalsky National Park, collecting rubbish, installation of an eco-park, cleaning of sources, putting up signs and repair of nature trails, shoreline stabilisation, forestry work (tree nursery, cutting sick trees).

St. Lucia Lake - South Africa

The St. Lucia Lake in the North-East of South Africa is situated in the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, the oldest African protected nature reserve covering 2,550 sq. km. 530 bird species, but also rare and threatened species of animals, such as Leatherback Turtle, Nile Crocodile and Hippos live in this unique region.

Timeframe: from 1 to 28 July 2005

Activities: Inventory of the threatened wild animals, work in the Crocodile-Centre, removal of foreign plants.

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