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Drinking Water – a human right but not respected everywhere!


Despite the fact that the access to safe drinking water was declared a human right in 2011, UN says that 800 million people worldwide still do not have access to clean drinking water. Particularly in Africa, this is a major problem. Only 12 per cent of the rural households in Kenya are connected to piped water, in Burundi the estimated connection rate is less than 40 per cent. The majority of the rural population must fetch the amount of water needed a day from rivers and lakes that are often polluted causing diseases such as diarrhoea. In Africa, every day thousands of people still die from diarrhoeal diseases, particularly children. 


Since 2008, the Global Nature Fund, in conjunction with its local partners, provides clean drinking water to undersupplied regions in Kenya, Burundi and Ivory Coast. Up to now, in Kenya 4500 schoolchildren and orphans at six locations are supplied with water. Currently, in the communities of Kandara and Gitune drinking water facilities are being built. SkyHydrant water filtration units filter surface water taken from nearby bodies of water. One filter system produces approximately 700 litres of clean drinking water per hour. The clean water is stored in closed tanks and made available to the local people at a low price. Proceeds are used for the technical service and maintenance of the water filtration system. 


In Burundi, in the regions of Kagwema and Rukaramu, several wells were put into operation again, and the pumped ground water is filtered. Over 5,000 people, among them many school kids are finally supplied with clean drinking water. Another 20 wells are currently being repaired in the regions of Man and N’zi Comoé in Ivory Coast. Since 2011, 22 wells have been repaired and thanks to the successful project over 12,000 people enjoy safe water.

Angel Koua Yaba, a young mother from the village of Bouaffoukro in Ivory Coast is very happy: „Finally, we have clean water because the water pump is operating again, now we feel much better, and I am extremely happy to give my children clean water to drink”.

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 Drinking water is a Quality of life.
 Angel Koua Yaba
 Colorful tank for the clan drinking water in Kenya
 Drinking water well in Ivory Coast.
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