Poyang Lake Wintering Birds and Wetland Protection Conference


On September 26th, 2012, Poyang Lake Wintering Birds and Wetland Protection Conference was held by Jiangxi Provincial Government. Leaders of Jiangxi Provincial Government, relevant departments at the provincial and municipal levels, 15 counties around Poyang Lake and Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve (PLNNR) attended the conference. At the conference, last year’s protection work was summarized, advanced counties, units and individuals were awarded and protection work of this year was arranged.


Mr. Yao Mugen, the Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, fully affirmed last year’s wintering birds and wetland protection work which had effectively prevented a large quantity of illegal bird poaching and wetland destruction so that there were few negative media reports on protection. He said that this year Jiangxi Provincial Government would pay more attention on protection work of Poyang Lake. The awarding level of advance protection unites would be promoted and in the name of Poyang Lake Comprehensive Improvement Group. Meanwhile, the provincial government would provide 3 million yuan as special protection funds.


As to the arrangement of this winter’s protection work, Mr. Yao stressed that we should focus on the key area to make our work more effective. Birds and wetland protection should be promoted by public education, combatting illegal poaching and economic development. Firstly, the form of public education can be various, such as organizing public donation of Poyang Lake protection, creating lyrics for the birds, broadcasting advertisements on birds and wetland protection and promoting bird watching activities; Secondly, the strength of combatting illegal poaching should be enhanced, with the nets for catching birds being cut down, the restaurants offer wild birds being punished and the protection lawbreaker being publicly sentenced; Thirdly, reasonable development of the wetland should be promoted, such as the construction of Green Road Network (afforestation) around Poyang Lake and establishment of more wetland parks. And all these measures should form a long-term mechanism.


After the conference, Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve (PLNNR) takes actions to put the measures mentioned at the conference into practice. To strengthen the protection of wintering birds and wetland in Poyang Lake, all the leaders and staff of PLNNR will cancel vacations during this winter and devote themselves on protection, public education and scientific research work at the field protection stations around Poyang Lake area, which will lay a solid foundation for this year’s wintering birds and wetland protection work.

 Poyang Lake Wintering Birds and Wetland Protection Conference
 Advanced Units and Individuals getting the Awards
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