Poyang Lake International Famous Lakes Friendly Exchange Conference


Living Lakes Network was well represented on the "Poyang Lake International Famous Lakes Friendly Exchange Conference", held in August 2012 at Poyang Lake.


The Conference was organized by Jiangxi Province Government and the Cities of Gongquingcheng and Jiujiang – both located at Poyang Lake - and attended by about 100 persons involved in lake management and research.


Poyang region has been declared as an eco-economic zone with the aim to support an environmental friendly economical development. Various measures such as the "farmland back to the lake" and the efforts regarding waste water treatment were presented. Gongquingcheng´s mayor - a young and very active Chinese lady - informed the participants regarding the objectives to develop towards a low carbon economy city with environmental friendly economical activities. Gongquingcheng has been created only 20 years ago and has now 160.000 inhabitants. The aim is to grow up to 300,000 inhabitants - putting emphasis on climate protection, energy and water efficiency and protection of Poyang Lakes and its wetlands.


Lake representatives from New Zealand (Lake Rotorua and Lake Toupo), Finland (Lake Oulu), Kenya (Lake Nakuru) and Cambodia (Tonle Sap) presented experiences in lake protection, as well as our Living Lakes members from Lake Baikal, Lake Balaton, Lake Biwa and Lake District (UK). MRLSD - Living Lakes Member representing Poyang Lake - was involved in the organization of the conference and informed about successful pilot projects such as the construction of "Green Filters" for low cost waste water treatment or household biogas equipments.


To underline their willingness to further develop the exchange and come to concrete collaborations, the lake representatives, GNF-President Marion Hammerl on behalf Living Lakes and the regional and municipal authorities signed the Gonquingcheng Declaration.


There is still much work to do to achieve an healthy Poyang Lake and a sustainable development of the region. Hopefully the agreement signed will contribute to concrete further steps.


Marion Hammerl (President Global Nature Fund)

August 2012

 Marion Hammerl
 Conference Participants
 Conference Meeting of the Living Lakes Network China
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