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Post Tsunami Living Lakes Conference in Sri Lanka


"Restoration of Mangroves and Reestablishment of Livelihoods in Sri Lanka" was the title of the first Post Tsunami Living Lakes Conference Sri Lanka. The conference took place from 23 to 26 April 2007 in Bentota, Sri Lanka.


Mangroves are not only a vital habitat for a tremendous number of plant and animal species, but also give shelter to the people living there. Therefore the preservation of mangroves is crucial for the protection of the local population. More than 100 distinguished participants from 10 countries (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Germany, Spain, France, England, Belgium, USA) attended the event.  


The conference was opened by Peter Maher, Head of Operations of the EU Commission in Sri Lanka, by Hon. Patalee Champica Ranawaka, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Sri Lanka and Shan Wijelal de Silva, Chief Minister of the Southern Provincial Government. In his speech, the Hon. Minister was recognising the importance of the threatened mangrove ecosystem in Sri Lanka and other tsunami affected countries and the urgent need to protect and rehabilitate Mangrove habitats.


Mr. Peter Maher underlined that mangroves are not only a vital habitat for plant and animal species, but also give shelter to the people living there. He stressed the benefits and synergies of a close collaboration of the many activities supported in the framework of the EU ASIA PRO ECO II B Post-Tsunami Programme.


The conference offered a valuable platform for discussions and knowledge exchange between engaged institutions and organisations, ministries, administrations and business partners from all over the world.


The hosts of this conference were Global Nature Fund and the Sri Lankan Living Lakes partner organisations Nagenahiru Foundation and EMACE. The event was part of a project supported by the EU ASIA PRO ECO II B Post-Tsunami Programme.

Hosts and Contact Addresses of Conference Team

Nagenahiru Foundation - Center for Conservation of Lakes and Wetlands

Contact person: Mr. Lal Emmanuel, President

No. 4/11, Patabendimulla

Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka

Phone: + 94 - 91 22 56 621

Mobil: + 94 - 77 62 09 625

Fax: + 94 - 91 22 58 215



EMACE Foundation of Sri Lanka

Contact person: Abeyrathne Ekanayake

9a Rawathawatha Road; PO Box 96

10400 Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Phone: + 94 - 11 - 44 44 465; +94 - 11 - 26 12 837

Mobile: +94 - 777 - 67 79 82

Fax: +94 - 11 - 27 60 549




Global Nature Fund (GNF)

International Foundation for Environment and Nature

Contact persons: Udo Gattenlöhner, Bettina Jahn

Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4, 78315 Radolfzell, Germany

Phone: + 49 - (0) 77 32 - 99 95 - 80 / - 84

Fax: + 49 - (0) 77 32 - 99 95 - 88

E-mail: or


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