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Biodiversity and Environmental Education


5th Living Lakes Conference at Lake Biwa, Japan


Over 100 Participants from more than 20 different countries took part in the 5th international Living Lakes Conference at Lake Biwa in Japan. Under the motto "Biodiversity and Environmental Education in lake regions" environmental organisations, international institutions and representatives of private businesses presented concrete models of effective nature and conservation measures for the most urgent problems that occur on almost any lake of the earth: the scarcity of clean drinking water supplies.


The conference site was well chosen. The Lake Biwa Museum is one of the best examples worldwide of successful realisation of an educational concept. More than 3 Million people annually visit the museum. This website contains selected lectures and additional information regarding these issues. This information addresses activists and experts in the field of nature conservation and provides details about successful measures aiming at the preservation of bio-diversity and implementing the environmental educational concepts.


The documentation of the conference can be downloaded here or ordered directly from Global Nature Fund (Please enclose 5 Euro or 5 US-$ in cash for postal fees).

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