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Agenda 21 in Lake Regions


7th Living Lakes Conference at Lake St. Lucia, South Africa


In the run up to des World Summit on Sustainable Development the Global Nature Fund (GNF) in cooperation with the South African Wilderness Foundation and the Wildlands Trust held the 7th Living Lakes Conference on the topic "Implementation of Agenda 21 in Lake Regions" from 20 to 25 August 2002 in South Africa. In the framework of the conference, 150 experts discussed ways for building up successful cooperation between non governmental organisations, authorities and business to bring Agenda 21 from paper to practice.


Ranger at Lake St. Lucia


The documentation contains presentations about best practice examples on the implementation of Agenda 21 at Lake Constance, Lake St. Lucia and the Laguna de Bay. Furthermore you will find background information on the pristine Antarctic Lake Vostok, the first honorary lake of the Living Lakes network and on the 12 Principles of Sustainable Development of Lake Regions.


The documentation of the conference can be downloaded here or ordered directly from Global Nature Fund (Please enclose 5 Euro or 5 US-$ in cash for postal fees).

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