Global Nature Fund - 14th International Living Lakes Conference 2014

14th Living Lakes Conference








18 - 24 November 2014


Nanchang, China


Lakes in densely populated regions - Balance between people and nature

 Group Photo - 14 Living Lakes Conference

14th Living Lakes Conference in Nanchang – China closes with strong commitment for protection of lakes worldwide

350 delegates from 33 countries out of five continents followed the Jiangxi Academy of Sciences and Mountain River Lake Sustainable Developments invitation to Nanchang, Southern China, at the edge of Poyang Hu, Chinas larges freshwater lake. Here they exchanged on protection of lakes worldwide and on new approaches for successful management of lake regions. Challenges for lakes in densely populated areas were the main topic of the conference. Lakes in developing countries as well as many lakes in Germany and Europe face issues from growing populations and growing - often unofficial - settlements at lakes. This is an increasing problem in many Asian countries such as China and India. The delegates approved a common understanding on the urgency to foster the protection of lakes worldwide.


Marion Hammerl, President of Global Nature Fund, opens 3rd World Economic Conference on Low-carbon Eco-Economy in Nanchang, China

Nanchang, China, was the location for the 3rd World Economic Conference on Low-carbon Eco-Economy. Marion Hammerl, President of Global Nature Fund, opened this conference together with Qiang Wei, secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Han Qide, vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, representatives of neighboring provinces, from different countries and from science and economy. 5,000 participants from companies, administration, policy, and associations from economy met to discuss chances and processes of ecological economy, made contacts and sought for solutions for ongoing challenges. The contribution of Marion Hammerl took place in the framework of the 14th Living Lakes Conference which was held in Nanchang at the same time.


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 Cordial welcome to the 14th Living Lakes Conference from the Colleagues in Nanchang, China, 18 November 2014
 Everyting is well prepared.
 Registraton of the Delegates from Europe and GNF staff.
 Opening of the 14th Living Lakes Conference in Nanchang
 Field Trip
 3rd World Economic Conference
 Field Trip