Brochures and Pilot Studies on Natural Capital Assessment

Private Sector and Natural Capital Recognizing Value – Exploring Opportunities


In the project "Network Natural Capital Accounting" (2015 - 2017) the Global Nature Fund published two brochures that illustrate the benefits and possible applications of natural capital assessment, particularly for companies. Moreover, GNF was able to gain initial experience with the assessment of natural capital with project partners in two pilot studies.


In its publication “The Business Case for Natural Capital Assessment”, the GNF highlights the different triggers for companies to assess their natural capital. The advantages and diverse applications of this tool are exemplified by means of international developments and practical examples. One example is the UK based water company South West Water that worked in collaboration with farmers to improve water quality instead of investing in cost intensive technology. Another example is the German machine manufacturer TractoTechnik which valued and compared the natural capital impacts of its trenchless pipe laying with the open construction. The natural capital assessment was able to express the environmental performance of the trenchless technology with help of monetary values (Euro).


Brochure (September 2017):

The Business Case for Natural Capital Assessment

 The Business Case for Natural Capital Assessment

The GNF carried out the first pilot study "Natural Capital Assessment for Trenchless Pipe Laying" together with proponents of the "trenchless" technology. The goal of GNF and the project partners (TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG; German Society for Trenchless Technology e. V. (GSTT)) was to show potential clients both within and outside Germany the ecological benefits of the technology.


The brochure provides insights into the concrete implementation of a natural capital assessment and compares the environmental impacts of trenchless pipe laying to those of open construction.


Pilot Study (August 2017):

Natural Capital Assessment for Trenchless Pipe Laying

 Natural Capital Assessment for Trenchless Pipe Laying

The second pilot study describes the procedure for the natural capital assessment for tourism on the German island of Juist. Together with the project partners (Municipal administration Juist; Wadden Sea National Park in Lower Saxony) GNF pursued two objectives: the assessment is intended to identify potential for an environmentally sound orientation of the island and to serve as a communication basis for the various stakeholders (tourists, residents, companies, suppliers, etc.).


The study examines the effects of tourism on natural capital and analyses, which components of the value chain are of particular importance for the tourism in the island.


The second pilot study will soon be available for download.