Wildlife Conservation in Tanzania – Lions and Masai-shepherds


The lions in Africa want to live! There are only 20,000 African lions left – and their number are dwindling. But there is hope: The GNF-project to protect humans and animals. Please help us! 


The project provides the following measures for lion & co.:

  • Total amount 100,000 €
  • Training and equipment for the “Game Scouts” 45,000 €
  • Measures in environmental education 10,000 €
  • Establishing a compensation fond for the famers 20,000 €
  • Breeding program and a game-safe fencing 35,000 €


We are missing 25,000 € to carry out the project. You can help us permanently by donating money. Please participate in our project! Thank you!


The lions are disappearing!

According to the World Conservation Union IUCN, there are only 20,000 lions left in Africa. The terrible situation of the Kings of the Savannah has finally reached the public spotlight after the famous lion Cecil was shot by a trophy hunter.


Dramatic situation

The number of lions in Africa decreased about 400 per cent during the past 20 years. The reduction of their habitat, the conflicts with humans and the poaching of wild animals and large cats are threatening the lions. The illicit trafficking of lion bones for the Asian market is also threatening the lions. Moreover the economical-, social- and ecological damages are being assessed as disastrous.


The human-animal-conflict

Settlement and agricultural areas are reducing the hunting areas of the lion, which are up to 200 square meters large. The lions are hunting down the herds of cattle if there is a lack of prey animals. The logical consequence: The farmers are killing the lions to protect their cattle and themselves. Over ten lions were killed in the project area in 2014.


Start of the pilot project

The GNF started a pilot project with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). The project is taking place in the area of the Manyara Ranch in the north of Tanzania. The two organizations are trying to increase the milk and meat productions of the cattle. This is improving the income- and nutrition situation of the Masai permanently and it would make the loss of their cattle less dramatic. Safe fencing is protecting the cattle. Special trained animal scouts, so-called “Game Scouts”, are warning of hunting lions and they are helping to contain the poaching.


Game Scouts – secured future for human and animal!

The Game Scouts are helping to increase the economic losses of the pastoralists. Thereby they are preventing the killing of the lions as a retaliatory action. Apart from their training they really need technical equipment like night-vision-devices, radio stations and motorcycles. Many endangered species such as lions, elephants and African wild dogs, but also the Masai themselves, benefit from this project.


Donation Account

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 Education mesures mitigate the human-animal-conflict.
 The fascinating African wildlife must be protected in its natural habitats.
 The king of the animals needs our support!

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 Fences protecting the cows

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 Masai herder with cows

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 Game Scouts
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